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Secure your accounts with the free authenticator app. Download and install on all your devices to generate one-time codes offline. 2-Step verification provides stronger security and is free.

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Choose your prefered device and install the free authenticator app to generate 2FA codes offline.

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free authenticator Free & Offline

Install the free authenticator app without any required registration and generate your 2FA codes fully offline.

easy 2FA authenticator Easy to setup

Setup your account via QR-Code or add manually to the free authenticator app.

totp and hotp codes Top features

Generate TOTP (time based) and HOTP (hash based) codes with easy backup.


See what you can do with the free Verifyr Authenticator

2FA Codes

Generate time-based (TOTP) codes offline in your Verifyr Authenticator App. You can setup and manage as many accounts you want - for free!

Scan a QR-Code or enter your secret key manually to start generating your OTP codes for 2FA verification.

2FA TOTP Codes Authenticator

Multiple Devices

Install and use the free authenticator on different and multiple devices. Choose your preferred devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows PC, Mac or Linux.

authenticator multiple devices

Backup & Restore

Simply and secure backup feature to an encrypted file you an recover at any time on any device. No need of personal registration to backup and restore your free authenticator.

authenticator backup restore

Fully compatible

Our free authenticator is fully compatible with any service that offers to secure your account with 2FA one-time password codes. Also a perfect alternative for Microsoft Authenticator and Google Authenticator.

fully compatible authenticator


Read through common questions and answer about 2FA authenticator with the free Authenticator App by

How to setup the free authenticator?

First download and install the authenticator on your preferred device. We provide the free authenticator for iOS, Android and Desktop (Windows, Mac and Linux). You can setup accounts manually or automatically by scanning a QR-Code from any service or app that offers you the feature to secure your login with 2FA codes.

How it works to use the authenticator app?

The most common authenticator method are time-based codes. They a valid for 30 seconds and get regenerated automatically after the period exceeds. These one time passwords are cryptographically secured based on an unique secret and the current time. They are fully secure to use as second layer to protect your login.

How to scan a QR code?

With our free authenticator you can simply scan an QR-Code and your setup will be done automatically. Your codes are getting generate instantly even if you have not internet connection.

How can I setup my authenticator accounts manually?

You can also setup your account only by a secret key. Simply paste your secret and keep the present options. In most cases your account work only with your secret and no special option. However, if your service needs you can change some parameters as period, time, algorithm on account generation.

What Codes can I generate?

You can setup and generate codes with TOTP algorithm (time-based, RFC 6238) and HOTP Algorithm (counter based, RFC 4226). The default values for setup an authenticator 2FA account manually are:

  • Method: TOTP, time-based
  • Period: 30 seconds
  • Digits: 6
  • Algorithmus: sha1

With this default parameters and your secret you should be able to recover your authenticator 2FA account on any device.

Did the free authenticator work offline?

✅ Yes

The generation of the OTP codes are completely offline. It is a secure mathematical algorithm to generate your 2FA codes on your device.

Do I need to register?

❌ No

You don't need to register an personal account. We also don't connect your backup and restore option to any registration.

With what providers & accounts do the Authenticator work?

✅ With mostly all

The free Authenticator uses a RFC based implementation to generate your 2FA codes. This is the same RFC that all popular Authenticator Software such as from Microsoft or Google are using. With the free Authenticator you get even more free options and features! Also no personal data or any registration is needed to use.

Because we use the exact same standards as Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator its a great alternative to use the free authenticator by

How can I backup my authenticator?

Choose the Backup button within the free authenticator app. Before you backup you can assign a filename and a password. Please take care to reminder your password and keep your encrypted file on a save place.

How can I restore my authenticator?

With a created backup file and your chosen password you are able to restore the 2FA authenticator accounts on any device again. Even if you lost your device you can simply recover your 2FA accounts with your backup and password.

Alternative for Microsoft Authenticator?

✅ Yes

The free authenticator is a great alternative for Microsoft Authenticator and fully compatible. You don't need any Microsoft account or any personal registration to use the free Authenticator in full.

Alternative for Google Authenticator?

✅ Yes

The free authenticator is also agreat alternative for Google Authenticator and fully compatible. You don't need any Google account or any personal registration to use the free Authenticator in full.

Can I use the free authenticator on PC or Mac?

✅ Yes

Simply download the free Authenticator Desktop App for Windows, Mac or Linux.

Can I add phone numbers to my authenticator

✅ Yes

You can also rent phone number to your Verifyr Authenticator. Virtual phone numbers can be used to receive text messages and voice calls for verifications purposes. Renting phone numbers are not free of charge and need to register an account.

Can I receive text message or a call with my free authenticator?

✅ Yes

If you have an active phone number packages withing your Verifyr Authenticator you can use these numbers to receive text and calls. You can setup setup features like SMS-to-Email, Call Forwarding or a Mailbox to receive your verification.

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